MY OWN STORY (MOS) is an autobiographical writing/storytelling/performing workshop for students (college/high school) and adults. For most of us in our daily lives, we are not given the chance to be truly listened to and heard. We also get even less of a chance to tell our own stories; this is especially true for People of Color and under represented/marginalized communities/groups. MOS allows participants to explore and express their own stories on their own terms, thereby countering the oft-stereotyped, misrepresentations/under representations of these groups/communities’ stories/experiences & voices .

MOS participants will be able to come into a safe space wherein they will be able to be heard, dig deep beyond the surface, explore, discover, unearth, write, and ultimately express their stories. Participants will be able to explore any and all elements that make up their unique voices/stories. Some of these elements may be their own individual struggles with their identity, family conflict, racism, internalized oppression, etc. To be able to unearth, write, and ultimately perform these powerful personal stories is the ultimate act of claiming and celebrating one’s own voice/humanity and self-empowerment.

As workshop facilitator, I create a safe, interactive, and fun environment that is free of criticism and judgment. Participants will receive positive and nurturing support in a collective as well as one-on-one dynamic. I guide/facilitate participants in activities such as theater games/warm-ups, listening and movement/voice exercises, storytelling techniques, and writing prompts that use autobiographical experiences as framework and source material.

The MOS workshop meets twice a week for 9-10 sessions total. Each session is approximately 2 1/2 hours. No experience in acting/writing/performing necessary, just a genuine desire to explore and create autobiographical art.

The MOS workshop culminates in a performance by the participants that is open to the general public.

*The workshop sessions and exact duration can be somewhat modified to fit the host organization’s (college, high school, theater, arts organization, etc.) needs and schedule.

**Depending on the host organization’s programming/needs, MOS can serve the following groups:
a) People of Color
b) Asian Pacific American Islander
c) everyone