Booking INFO: email: [email protected], ph: (626) 236-8334

“THREE LIVES” and the other shorter performances do not require any elaborate sets or props. They are entirely self-contained pieces that are easily adaptable to any venue (theaters, black boxes, galleries, community/cultural centers, college/high school auditoriums/lecture/conference halls).
These venues/spaces should have:

A) Basic Lighting Grid/Setup

B) CD Sound System


The following is a list of programming “Three Lives” (and other pieces) is suitable for:


  • Asian American Conference/Symposium
  • Asians in Media Conference
  • Inter-Collegiate Conference
  • Cultural Diversity Conference
  • Peer Counseling Conference
  • Multi-Cultural Leadership Conference


  • Asian Heritage Month
  • Asian American Studies courses/seminars
  • Fall Orientation programming/keynote address
  • Cross-Cultural & Multi-Cultural Presentations
  • Ethnic Studies courses/seminars
  • American Studies courses/seminars
  • Storytelling/Drama seminars/courses
  • Psychology and/or Contemporary Ethnic History courses/seminars
  • Peer/Faculty Leadership seminars/retreats


  • Fall Orientation Keynote Address
  • Assembly Orientation programming
  • Conflict Mediation programming
  • Racism workshops/training
  • Peer Counselor workshops/training
  • AVID/Chapter I programming
  • CSF programming
  • Drama/Creative Writing/English classes